Culture of Colleen: 13 is Lucky, Taylor Swift Said So.


Hello, “Live with Colly” viewers, Primary Fashion Music Management followers, and those of you who don’t know how you ended up reading my blog post. I thank you kindly for taking the time to read my blog update following my latest episode, which is up on

You can get that web address tattooed across your forehead if you’d like. Just an idea, but get in line behind my mom. She’s first!

This week, my 13th episode was released. If you’re panicking, wondering how you’ve missed the past twelve episodes and thinking “My oh my, time flies!” Don’t worry, I’ll keep them up online just for you.

Build up those views, baby boo! I want to see those numbers soar! (Please and thank you).

In episode 13, I introduced viewers to two very important women in my life. My sister Meghan, who has designed my show logos and appeared in previous episodes all the way from Washington, DC, was home quickly this past weekend. Of course she came home just to be on my show … or maybe it was for a friend’s family wedding, and maybe it also was to pack up her belongings for her new apartment in DC.

I’m going to stick with the truth that it was all for “Live with Colly.

Meghan and I went to Spot Coffee for another “Coll’s Coffee Corner” segment. We sat outside in the dark because Meghan was too nervous to film around humanity inside the coffee shop. In the show, I asked her about her busy life in our Nation’s Capital and what it’s like to be home. She better be happy to be back around me, right? She missed me every day, right?

Colleen and Lauren Marks

Colleen and Lauren Marks

Next, you’ll meet my friend Lauren Marks who I like to call a sister. Her family used to host me overnight every week during high school, and she and I have been close ever since! All summer long, she was working as a camp counselor at Summer’s Best Two Weeks, so we made the most of her short amount of time home before she went back to school. We danced to “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift (quite fitting for episode 13 when T Swift’s lucky number is 13), at her home in the Buffalo skyline, and I hope viewers smile as much as we did. (If I don’t smile about those groovy dance moves of mine, I’ll probably cry).

Colleen & sister Meghan

Colleen & sister Meghan

This episode, Meghan also took a turn with the pink microphone. She interviewed my Aunt Robin who gave a recap of one her favorite local summer traditions, the Erie County Fair. Both ladies are naturals on camera! (Even though they both responded “OMG” when they saw that I included their interview in the episode!)

Lastly, my neighbor KK (a recent “Coll’s Coffee Corner” guest) returned to the show in “Colly’s got Mail.” She sent in a cute selfie and she was so excited to watch this week’s episode to see the photo in it. If you have any pictures that you’d like to be included in “Live with Colly,” please email them to

My hope with this blog post is to give you a general idea of what the episode is about. Perhaps I even filled in some blanks for viewers who have already watched episode 13. Regardless, thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you especially for watching my episodes. This week I learned that time is the best gift you can give someone, because you can’t get it back. I truly appreciate the gift of your time and I want you to know that you’re helping me get closer to my dreams. Thank you. After all, what is life about? It’s about “Tune in Tuesdays” and pink microphones. Can I get an “Amen?!”

Thank you for watching!

Colleen Young

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