Buffalove Style: Trebird Jewelry


Courtesy of Katie McGinnis / Trebird

Katie McGinnis was living on the corner of Tremont and Bird in May of 2013 when she created Trebird. She started getting in to jewelry design a hobby only until she took a jewelry making class her junior year at SUNY Buffalo State and fell in love with it.

“Once I graduated, I had a lot of free time on my hands wanted to start practicing jewelry making again,” said McGinnis. “After a year of being out of commission, I tried working with different mediums such as wire-wrapping, making spoon jewelry, practicing with different types of metals, etc. but I was never happy with the results. The one day my boyfriend came home from the skatepark with a broken skateboard. He suggested that I try to make something out of his old board. From there, I started making simple earrings like the Linwood hoops and really started learning how to woodwork.”

September 2013 was Trebird’s big break. They were asked to showcase 30 pieces at the Marc/Ella New York show during Mercedes-Benz Buffalo Fashion Week. Katie has made social media her best friend when getting the word out about the line.

“Ah, the power of social media! Social media has definitely been the number one way for me to get the word out about Trebird. Other than that, family and friends have been my rock. I have a huge support group that has spread the word for me throughout the Buffalo area. And honestly, Buffalonians are  amazing with this. Somehow the word got out to a fellow Buffalonian in the Chicago area, and now our products are sold in her store at Paperish Mess,” she said.

Trebird also participated in the Dough to Grow contest through Valpak. Out of 220 small business throughout the U.S., you got to vote online for your favorite small business to win a cash reward. Trebird came in second place and won a prize of $1,500. “Crazy, and it was all through social media,” said McGinnis.

Besides Chicago Katie hopes to spread her line to boutiques throughout Buffalo. She’s currently focused on being featured in small shows throughout the Buffalo area and keeping her Etsy shop updated although, in the future, Katie said she would love to open up her own boutique featuring a workshop in the back.

This weekend Trebird is doing the Cirque Du Square and they are looking to do a couple different shows this upcoming fall season.

So what’s next for Trebird? Katie is making sure new designs are up to par with amazing hardware and hopes to do a line that “incorporates some type of high-fashion designs mixed with skateboards.”

Designs by Trebird below, find them on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram

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We’re excited to see what’s next for Trebird … high fashion and skateboards is not exactly combination you think of on a daily basis!

-XO, L.

P.S. Our new website is under construction! Until completion, WordPress is our go-to pal.

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