Primary Pick: Adam Gutierrez: Jada Blitz Training

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Adam Gutierrez, 25, is trainer for Jada Blitz training currently living in Buffalo, NY. I interviewed Adam to talk about his love for fitness and his future goals.

 What sparked your involvement with fitness? 

AG: After my father passed away I became a heavy drinker to ease the pain. I became severely overweight. I was out of control with what I ate and how I acted when I was drunk. Eating the most unhealthy foods all the time and consuming up to a bottle to myself a night or a 30 pack of beer. Halloween of 2010 I drove my car after I had been drinking all night. I popped a tire and swerved off the road multiple. times. I was very fortunate I didn’t kill anyone or myself. The next day I had just decided to quit, it was too much and I just stopped cold turkey. I needed to pick up a new hobby and I became infatuated with fitness. I started going to the gym then I met a trainer there who I started training with a really looking up to. I started to learn the proper ways to lift and eat and I soon became very addicted to the results I was seeing. Justin Draper was and still is my trainer and now my boss. He is the one who really showed me everything I know and hooked me in.

How have you tried to make your mark in the fitness world? What advice do you have for those trying to start a healthy lifestyle?
AG:  I pride myself on being a natural athlete, meaning I do not take any banned substances. Everyone wants to see results fast these days, people need to know this isn’t a sprint it takes time. A piece of advice I would give to people is be consistent. You are the only one who can change yourself, you have to want to change in order to change.

 Describe a typical day for you at Jada Blitz Training. 

AG:  My typical day at Jada Blitz starts at about 9, I train two clients from 9 to 10 then Justin, Russ (another trainer) and myself all workout together. We usually finish our workout around 1130. We sit down and eat after that. Then I go on with my training from then on, clients start back up at 12 noon then i go all the way to 8 pm depending on the day.

What kind of modeling have you done? And what’s your dream job?
AG: So far I haven’t done any modeling except for the portfolio shoot which was done at Jada Blitz. My dream would be to be a natural model for Nike.
What has been the most memorable part of your career so far with fitness and/or modeling? 
AG:  My most memorable memory to date with my modeling/fitness career would have to be the day I became a trainer and part of the Jada Blitz family. Our facility is different than all other gyms, we don’t look at our clients as just clients. They become part of the Blitz family once they walk in the door. That’s what really separates us from other facilities. We are on a more personal level with all of our clients.
(Logo photo source: Jada Blitz Training website)

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