Events in the City: Shoptober in the Elmwood Village

First things first- my name’s Lucy Lopez and I’m Primary Fashion Music Management’s blogger. Yesterday Rachel Good, co-founder of PFMM, and myself, went out and shopped for a cause. The Elmwood Village hosted the Shoptober Bra Crawl where 15% of all purchases went to Breast Cancer. Participating business and boutiques had a contest of who had the best decorated bra displayed in their windows. Below is our favorite from Blush!


dolce-vita-maren-coatShoptober featured all of the most well known boutiques on the strip. To name a few- Blush, Anna Grace, and Her Story stuck out as personal our favorites. Our first stop was Blush, where  Rachel bought a gorgeous red dress for her birthday she had on hold. I won’t even show you a picture because it’s just that special- it needs to be saved. But she also indulged after finding this Dolce Vita Maren coat (seen right). It’s absolutely flawless. If you’re a texture person or like things with little details that make them special, you would have major coat envy over this! The leather trim added that something extra. It’s cowl neck/cape like neckline makes it so high fashion and it’s longer length will keep her warm (while staying fabulous) this winter!

I did a little damage accessories shopping. A JCrew worthy turquoise and gold necklace (photo below) from Fierce Accessories has definitely become a new staple in my statement jewelry collection.

After working up out appetite we decided to go downtown to dinner at Tappo. Buffalo’s new italian restaurant was not only stunning inside- a mix of rustic and modern- but 1. had amazing food and 2. was so reasonable priced. If you’re looking for a not-so-ordinary place to go for dinner, stop in there!

necklace and tappo

There’s something so fun about being in the city. Buffalo has a lot to offer, you just have to know where to go. It keeps fueling my mantra: You don’t have to live in a big city to live a trendy lifestyle!

-XO, L.


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